FSEW curtain side trailer improves freight carbon footprint

Investment in curtainsider trailers empowers customers to embrace sustainability and improve efficiencies

Geoff Tomlinson (FSEW Managing Director)
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Geoff Tomlinson
FSEW Managing Director

At FSEW, we’re continuing to embrace sustainability and push the needle to encourage our customers to change the way they manage freight and make it possible for them to reduce their carbon emissions. 

As part of our continuous innovation and determination to decarbonise the freight industry, we recently announced the acquisition of longer curtainsider trailers (long-semi trailers). Investing in 10 extended trailers, our aim is to enhance freight movement efficiency while continuing to reduce our carbon emissions and strive towards our goal of net zero. 

As freight decarbonisation specialists, this is a huge investment for our team, considering the increased cost when compared to a standard trailer. 

Investing in a greener future

The investment in procuring longer extended trailers is another strategic decision that aligns with our overarching goal of driving sustainability within the freight industry and working towards our goal of zero diesel trucks by the end of this year (2024). 

By continually seeking out innovative technologies and investing in eco-friendly infrastructure, we continue to position ourselves as trailblazers in the transition towards a greener, more sustainable future for freight decarbonisation.

FSEW extended trailer for freight decarbonisation

Making it possible for our customers to impact their carbon footprint further

These specialised, curtainsider trailers offer increased capacity for transporting goods, enabling our customers to move more freight per journey while minimising the number of trips required, and reduce their overall fuel consumption and carbon footprint per unit. Our standard trailers are 13.6m long and 8-10 foot internally, while the extended trailers are 15.6m long and 10 foot inside. By using these trailers, we can carry up to 25% more pallets while reducing mileage on the roads. 

In terms of reducing carbon emissions, these extended trailers enable us to dramatically improve our customers’ carbon footprint. On a single trip basis, using an extended trailer with a bio-methane fuelled truck would increase GHG emissions from 0.083 (standard trailer) to 0.088 tCO2e, which is an increase of 6.1%. However, on the basis that you can take 60 pallets on an extended trailer compared to 52 on a standard trailer, the GHG emissions per pallet delivered would decrease from 1.6 to 1.47 kgCO2e/pallet, which is an 8.1% reduction.

Over a year, assuming one trip a day, five days a week and 50 weeks a year, using a standard trailer for 240 trips would generate 20.747 tCO2e.To take the same amount of freight using an extended trailer would require 204 trips (36 fewer) and the GHG emissions would be 18.660 tCO2e, a saving of 2.087 tCO2e.


Every little helps

Our investment in extended trailers is changing the way customers deliver their freight for the better. Not only are we able to minimise their carbon use, but these trailers are also giving our customers an opportunity to revaluate their supply chain. With the ability to transport larger volumes of goods in a single trip, customers partnering with us can streamline their logistics operations, reduce reliance on manpower, and mitigate their carbon emissions.

Renowned retailers, including Tesco, are already benefitting from using our extended trailers. By upgrading to extended trailers, not only has Tesco reduced their mileage, but the supermarket giant can deliver 25% more lighter goods on one trailer, thus positively impacting their efficiency.


Our investment in these curtainsider trailers is just another example of what we’re doing at FSEW to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon footprint. We’re not just following a trend, we’re changing our operations and offering more to our customers in the process.
Gethin Worgan FSEW Operations Director
Gethin Worgan
Operations Director
FSEW curtainsider trailer reduces carbon footprint in freight forwarding

Continuing to be the pioneer for change  

Like every industry, freight is faced with the challenges of climate change and sustainability, and our proactive efforts demonstrate that profitability and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand. Our decision to invest in 10 curtain side trailers is yet another example of how we’re pushing the boundaries and taking action to reduce carbon emissions, as well as making it possible for our customers to benefit from increased load efficiency.

Take a look at our services to see how we can strategically support you on your sustainability journey and positively impact your efficiencies, customer experience and profit margins too.


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