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We will manage entire logistics process from end-to-end, whether it’s a domestic or international delivery, or express service.

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Road, Rail, Air & Sea Freight Network

Established distribution hub and head office, based in Cardiff and Northampton with direct rail freight connection to our integrated worldwide air and sea freight network.

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We stand by our service

FSEW’s aim is to provide our clients with a prompt, reliable and value-for-money service. This vision has remained throughout our 16 years in business and has been central to the company’s significant growth and success.

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FSEW will draw upon its extensive experience to help clients navigate the turbulent waters of political change, including the impact of ‘Brexit’, global trade agreements and subsequent adjustments to procedures and tariffs.

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FSEW has an extensive fleet of modern tractors and trailers, keeping your goods safe and organised from pickup to final destination.

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With an established distribution freight forwarding network with global coverage, the experience FSEW team will go the extra mile to ensure your delivery reaches its destination on time.

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Reach your destination safely and securely.

We will take care of your shipment and deliver it safe and on time