When Nikon devised its ‘Big Hands’ advertising campaign, they knew that they were going to need specialists to help install the models worldwide and FSEW delivered…

When Cardiff-based, Specialist Models, were approached by Nikon to work on its ‘Big Hands’ campaign, they knew that they would be able to create the installations, but weren’t sure of the next steps when it came to getting the hands to their required locations.

At that point they approached FSEW who were able to use their vast industry experience to make Nikon’s vision a reality.

Once the models were built, FSEW were able to transport them to the required cities, ensuring that they arrived at 4am in the desired location, before helping to build the structures and getting away from site ahead of the morning rush hour.

Altogether the hands were constructed in London, Warsaw, Moscow, Paris, Milan, Stockholm, Zurich and Berlin.

Simon Hooper, Specialist Models, said: “We were thrilled to be asked to be part of such a massive advertising campaign and knew that we could produce the hands to the standard that Nikon required. However, we didn’t know where to start when it came to the logistics of having the hands appear in eight cities simultaneously.

“FSEW were brilliant. From the start we knew that our models were in safe in hands with them and sure enough, everything was exactly where it needed to be, exactly when they told us it would be there.”

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