Experienced Appointment for Cardiff Freight Company

FSEW has appointed a new UK sales and business development specialist to help drive business growth through 2013 and beyond.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the transport and logistics industry, Steve Rees, 57, brings a wealth of experience and valuable business connections to FSEW.

Steve has worked for some of the UK’s best known haulage companies during his career, becoming a depot manager at 21 and most recently working in European transport development in Cwmbran. In a previous role he worked with the company owners to increase turnover from £1m to £29m.

Steve said: “My role will consist of taking FSEW out to market, showing new and existing customers all that the company has to offer, especially in terms of its environmentally sound rail offering. Over the course of my career I have been able to establish a strong network of contacts which I hope will be invaluable in my new position.

“As an organisation, FSEW truly appreciates the value of being close to customers and the importance of face to face contact. I believe that FSEW has all the necessary qualities to become a major player in the market.”

Geoff Tomlinson, founder of FSEW, said: “The industry has changed markedly in the last few years and it will be invaluable to the business to have someone with Steve’s wealth of experience to help us identify changes and trends as they happen.

“Steve is well known and well respected across the sector and the fact that he has already established two new accounts has demonstrated the positive impact we believe he will have on the company.”

FSEW, based at the South Wales International Freightliner Terminal in Wentloog, is South Wales’ leading independent intermodal freight forwarder providing transport and delivery services world-wide.

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Freight Specialists FSEW Join Tesco to Help Businesses Reduce Co2

TESCO has launched an innovative new rail freight service in Wales in partnership with local businesses to cut its CO2 emissions.

The rail service is already being run six days a week by a partnership comprising of FSEW, Stobart Rail Freight, Bob Martin (UK) Ltd, Freightliner and Tesco.

The train itself is managed by Stobart Rail Freight and transports ‘swap-body’ containers which are delivered to the rail freight depots by lorry and simply lifted between lorry and train. The trains travel between Magor and Daventry, where Tesco has its main rail connected UK distribution centre.

Geoff Tomlinson, of FSEW, said: “Tesco is always keen to seize every opportunity to reduce its carbon footprint and we saw an opportunity to help them do so here.

“Each train journey takes 40 lorries off the road which reduces CO2 emissions as the rail service is much more fuel efficient. It also reduces traffic congestion and depending on the amount of freight transported, could save Tesco money too.

“The back-haul, with the train returning to the Midlands, then creates further opportunities for other businesses in South Wales to transport their own freight by rail at a reduced rate which gives them the chance to cut their own carbon emissions and costs and reduce congestion at the same time.

“Manufacturer of pet health and hygiene products, Bob Martin (UK) Ltd, has been an integral partner in this project and helped us pilot the back-haul scheme by sending its goods to Daventry and then on to another distribution centre near Glasgow. They have been using the service since June and are delighted with it. Now other businesses from all over South Wales are coming on board to take advantage of the opportunity.”

Steven Clarke, Primary Network Manager, Tesco said: “The development of the Tesco rail network plays an integral part in our environmental objective of reducing our carbon emissions by 50% by the end of 2012, and to be carbon neutral by 2030.

“The start-up of the Daventry to South Wales train has been a key driver towards achieving this goal. By working closely with FSEW, we are able to make this lane cost effective as their knowledge of the local market enables us to operate loads in both directions, which is sometimes a hindrance with rail development. So far, it has been a great success.”

Liam Martin, Managing Director, Stobart Rail Freight said: “This is a great example of national and local businesses working in partnership to deliver greener transport solutions. We hope to be able to build on the good work already done and are keen for other companies in the South Wales area to take advantage of this train service.”

Will Steele, Operations Director at Bob Martin (UK) Ltd said: “Bob Martin (UK) Ltd has been very pleased to participate in this forward thinking initiative. The identification and implementation of an opportunity to combine several key objectives – reduced environmental impact, improved customer service, and improved economic efficiencies, has proven to be an extremely encouraging development. Everyone involved has displayed impressive enthusiasm and determination, making the process of turning concept into reality a rewarding one.”

In order to quantify the environmental benefits of rail transport, industry analysts have estimated that HGVs typically produce 63g CO² for every tonne of freight transported every kilometre, in comparison with 26.4g CO² per tonne per kilometre for rail freight. This represents a reduction of nearly 60% in CO² emissions per train journey.

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FSEW Expands Specialist Freight Team

Cardiff-based FSEW has expanded its expert team in order to strengthen its UK business offering. Andrew Saunders, 41, originally from Caerphilly, has worked in freight for over 20 years, honing his trade at other well-known Welsh organisations before moving to FSEW where he will work as the company’s UK transport co-ordinator. As part of his role, Mr Saunders will be responsible for looking after client requirements for all UK-based customers and hauliers.

Mr Saunders said: “Even as an outsider it is plain to see that FSEW is an ambitious and exciting company so I was keen to come on board and join this dynamic team. I hope that I will be instrumental in helping the business to develop and ensuring FSEW reaches its full potential. “What initially attracted me to the company was the variety of services they offer and the vast range of sectors they work in.

On a personal level I am looking forward to expanding my own knowledge of the industry and working with FSEW’s well established and new clients.” Geoff Tomlinson of FSEW, said: “Following a strategic review of our business we decided that we needed to expand our UK team. This is a pivotal time for the business and it is vital that we have expert personnel in place to be able to continue to offer the high level of service our clients have come to expect.” FSEW, based at the South Wales International Freightliner Terminal in Wentloog, is South Wales’ leading independent intermodal freight forwarder providing transport and delivery services world-wide.

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Welsh Freight Company is Pitch Perfect

A Cardiff-based freight company has been transporting a unique load this summer – the Millennium Stadium pitch. The hallowed Welsh turf was removed from the stadium by FSEW in the run up to the FIM Fogo British Speedway Grand Prix event and will be returned in time for the Welsh rugby team’s first autumn international against Argentina. FSEW works closely with Inscapes, the landscaping specialists employed by the Welsh Rugby Union to ensure that the Millennium Stadium pitch is safely removed, stored and returned as necessary.

Geoff Tomlinson, FSEW, said: “We often work with Inscapes to ensure that the stadium pitch is taken out of harm’s way. It takes us 113 loads and 28 hours to transport it all to safety but at the end of it, the stadium is a blank canvas for the next event and the hallowed rugby turf is far from danger.” Gareth Rees, Inscapes, said: “The service we provide helps to make the best use of this amazing stadium. The Millennium Stadium is a world-renowned venue and it is vital that everything is absolutely perfect.” FSEW, based at the South Wales International Freightliner Terminal in Wentloog, is South Wales’ leading independent intermodal freight forwarder providing transport and delivery services world-wide.

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New Fleet

Following a successful 2011, FSEW has strengthened its service offering with the addition of five new trucks to its fleet.

The trucks, which are brand new Mercedes Axors, have been supplied by Gulliver’s Truck Hire Ltd.

FSEW founder, Geoff Tomlinson, said of the expansion: “This is a critical time for the company and it is vital that we have the resources to meet our clients’ demands. These new trucks are just a small part of a wider strategy to ensure that we are driving the company forward.”

FSEW, based at the South Wales International Freightliner Terminal in Wentloog, is south Wales’ leading independent intermodal freight forwarder providing transport and delivery services world-wide.

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FSEW and Freightliner Celebrate Record Intermodal Transport Figures

Cardiff, Wales – FSEW, working in partnership with Logico a division of Freightliner Ltd, last year transported a record number of rail borne containers from Southampton Docks to Freightliner’s Cardiff terminal , removing over 4000 containers from Wales and south west England’s roads, reducing road congestion and dramatically cutting CO² emissions.

In 2011, FSEW removed approximately 4000 lorries from the heavily congested A338, A36, M4 and A338 by moving more containers by rail rather than road. This figure is double the amount of lorries removed in the previous year and almost five times higher than 2009, which complements the Welsh Government’s target to reduce the amount of freight on Welsh roads.

The Welsh Government has made clear its concerns for the Welsh motorway network, in particular the Brynglas Tunnels, with discussions about the importance of improving the rail network and the development of the M4 relief road.

Geoff Tomlinson, Managing Director , FSEW, said: “Working closely with Logico we have been able to steadily increase our intermodal transport figures through Freightliner’s Cardiff terminal over the last few years. The flexibility and reliability of not only the rail service but also the excellent terminal operations at Cardiff, has helped us to achieve this increase and we are confident that this figure will continue to rise.

“Businesses are increasingly aware of their environmental footprint and we are very pleased to be able to offer them a sustainable transport solution. In the last year alone FSEW saved 545 tonnes of CO2 emissions using Logico’s services. Transporting freight by rail also has the added benefit of allowing a larger number of containers to be carried at once without the need to increase truck fleets, making the costs of moving containers by rail more competitive and ultimately giving our customers even better value for their money.”

Colin Watts, General Manager, Logico – a division of Freightliner, added: “Logico continually works with our customers to provide the best solution for their container movements.

“Freightliner’s South Wales International Terminal is a crucial city centre hub for container imports and exports to and from Cardiff and south Wales. Working closely with FSEW we are confident that we will see increasing numbers of containers transported by rail and the added environmental benefits this will bring.”

FSEW, based at the South Wales International Freightliner Terminal in Wentloog, is south Wales’ leading independent intermodal freight forwarder providing transport and delivery services world-wide.

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Nikon in Safe Hands with FSEW

When Nikon devised its ‘Big Hands’ advertising campaign, they knew that they were going to need specialists to help install the models worldwide and FSEW delivered…

When Cardiff-based, Specialist Models, were approached by Nikon to work on its ‘Big Hands’ campaign, they knew that they would be able to create the installations, but weren’t sure of the next steps when it came to getting the hands to their required locations.

At that point they approached FSEW who were able to use their vast industry experience to make Nikon’s vision a reality.

Once the models were built, FSEW were able to transport them to the required cities, ensuring that they arrived at 4am in the desired location, before helping to build the structures and getting away from site ahead of the morning rush hour.

Altogether the hands were constructed in London, Warsaw, Moscow, Paris, Milan, Stockholm, Zurich and Berlin.

Simon Hooper, Specialist Models, said: “We were thrilled to be asked to be part of such a massive advertising campaign and knew that we could produce the hands to the standard that Nikon required. However, we didn’t know where to start when it came to the logistics of having the hands appear in eight cities simultaneously.

“FSEW were brilliant. From the start we knew that our models were in safe in hands with them and sure enough, everything was exactly where it needed to be, exactly when they told us it would be there.”

To watch the Big Hands advertising campaign, click here.

Too see more work by specialists models click here

To get a quote for a similar project, please contact Gethin Worgan on gethin.worgan@FSEW.com

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FSEW Take Wales to America

When Wales was chosen as the lead country in the Smithsonian exhibition the Welsh Government turned to FSEW to ensure that everything made it to Washington DC safely.

Every year the Smithsonian in Washington DC, the world’s largest museum, selects a lead nation for its annual festival and following the selection of Wales, the Welsh Government turned to FSEW for their expertise to ensure the exhibits arrived safely and quickly to the event.

Over 100 people participated in the event promoting Wales to the world and exhibitions ranged from paintings and lovespoons to a 16ft sailing boat.

FSEW was awarded the contract due to their innovative and flexible approach to collecting participants’ items. Multiple collections, warehouse consolidating and packing and shipping to the USA, were all part of the project requirements.

Geoff said: “Although our old website did everything we needed it to when we started out, things have moved on a lot since then and it was definitely time for a refresh. We hope that our new branding will resonate with customers worldwide and demonstrate our offerings to the highest possible standards.”

The transit of the sailing boat was especially complex and the operation to collect, package and ship this sensitive, historical item was of prime importance. Utilising new, innovative and bespoke packaging systems ensured the safe and secure transit of the boat.

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