Brief: For its ‘Big Hands’ advertising campaign to promote the launch of its new Nikon 1 camera, Nikon asked Specialist Models in Cardiff to create a collection of giant hands which would appear simultaneously in eight cities across Europe. A big part of the brief was the necessary element of surprise in the statues suddenly appearing in busy locations, as if out of nowhere. They turned to FSEW who they felt had the necessary experience to help them deliver the campaign to Nikon’s high standards.

Outcome: Working closely with Specialist Models, FSEW devised a schedule which enabled them to transport the giant hands safely across Europe, arriving in the desired city centre locations, such as, Covent Garden, Milan, Stockholm, Berlin, Paris, Warsaw & Zurich at exactly 4am. They also took care of all international customs paperwork and local government formalities to ensure safe passage.

Once they reached their destination the Specialist Models team were able to erect the statues undercover before revealing them. The campaign caused a worldwide stir and ensured that the launch of the Nikon 1 was an internet sensation.