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From small businesses to multinational corporations, companies of all sizes have trusted FSEW to simplify their freight forwarding experience.

For over 20 years, FSEW have been expediting global supply chains. From air and sea freight to road and rail transportation, we have thrived under pressure and flourished in the most challenging situations. And, through out industry-leading commitment to freight decarbonisation, we’re changing the rules when it comes to sustainable freight forwarding too.

Whether it’s delivering perishable goods within tight deadlines or managing oversized cargo with special handling requirements, FSEW combine unrivalled freight forwarding expertise with a tailored experience and passion for innovation to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery.

What is freight forwarding?

Freight forwarding involves the coordination and management of shipments from one location to another. As freight forwarders, FSEW act as intermediaries between shippers and carriers, handling tasks such as booking cargo space, arranging documentation, and managing customs clearance.

The team at FSEW help clients to navigate the complexities of international shipping regulations, optimise trade routes, and take advantage of a full range of transportation modes, ensuring the most cost-effective and efficient solution for clients.

“During the testing times of the global pandemic and supply chain resource shortages, FSEW have consistently assisted our business in implementing our supply chain strategy, offering an agile and efficient service. We are never short of communication and data when required, further supporting our day to day operations. We have recently embarked on conversations regarding electric vehicles, which we at Hoover Candy are extremely excited to involved with. We are very keen to be taking FSEW’s lead on offering an environmentally sound delivery service.”
Owen Lee
Supply Chain Manager UK, Hoover Candy

A freight forwarding company unlike any other

As a multi-award-winning business, FSEW are used to driving innovation in the freight industry. In addition to the fundamental impact of freight decarbonisation, our clients are accustomed to the many benefits of our freight forwarding services, including:

On-the-ground haulage control

Unlike most freight forwarding companies, FSEW has its own independent fleet of electric and biomethane trucks and wide range of trailer options. Delivering 24/7, we are uniquely positioned to exert greater control on local logistics, either in transit from the point of origin or to the final destination within the UK, resulting in both cost savings and carbon reduction. 

Integrated worldwide freight network

Success in freight forwarding hinges on the strength of partnerships and collaborations. FSEW have developed an extensive network of global carriers, agents, and logistics providers, enabling us to offer seamless end-to-end solutions for our clients. These strategic partnerships ensure access to reliable transportation capacity, competitive pricing, and specialised services across diverse markets and geographies, all while maintaining our commitment to low carbon freight.

Intermodal freight forwarding coverage

Sea, rail, air, road. All under one roof. Whether speed is of the essence or cost is king, FSEW offer comprehensive intermodal freight coverage, ensuring that no matter where your freight journey begins or ends, we can recommend the most effective route and mode of transport for your needs.

Tailored freight forwarding support

In today’s competitive business environment, supply chain efficiency is paramount to success. In addition to our on-the-ground freight forwarding services, FSEW offer complimentary and wraparound services to ensure your cargo journeys are seamlessly efficient. From export consultancy and warehousing to groupage and full loads, we guide you through a host of freight forwarding options, tailoring our solution to your needs.

Your personal guide through complex customs

Navigating customs regulations and documentation is often a daunting task for businesses involved in international trade. FSEW’s customs experts simplify the process by managing compliance on your behalf. From preparing import and export documentation to ensuring adherence to trade regulations, we minimise the risk of delays and penalties associated with customs clearance.

Client-focused account management

At the heart of every successful freight forwarding business is a commitment to customer satisfaction. Focusing on communication, transparency, and responsiveness, your FSEW account management team are available 24/7, reacting to urgent requirements when needed. Getting to know your business is a priority, and building tangible relationships is a must, enabling us to offering personalised logistics solutions, or resolve issues proactively.

Advantageous locations

With a transport hub in South Wales, and a distribution and warehousing hub in the East Midlands, FSEW are strategically situated to take advantage of the UK’s transport network. With port and rail facilities on hand, and with swift access to the road network, we can get your cargo journey up and running quickly.

Taking freight forwarding into a greener future

As part of our commitment to a sustainable future, we are driving innovation in the sector through freight decarbonisation. FSEW tactically combines practical implementation, such as low-carbon vehicles, with strategic operational change, such as the introduction of carbon accounting. We not only deliver an unrivalled freight forwarding service but ensure our clients’ sustainability objectives are fundamentally met (no greenwashing here), all while driving profitability.

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From navigating customs regulations to enhancing supply chain performance, FSEW are your trusted ally in the journey towards seamless and efficient global logistics operations.

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