Freight decarbonisation

How we work to deliver strategic impact

From implementing on-the-ground carbon reduction to driving sustainable balance sheet gains, can you afford to ignore decarbonisation any longer?

With an ambitious mission to become carbon net zero operationally by 2025, FSEW are true freight industry pioneers. Recognising the opportunity, not just environmentally but commercially, that genuine freight decarbonisation brings, we are passionate about strategically supporting clients on their own sustainability journeys.

What is freight carbon zero?

Freight decarbonisation, or ‘freight carbon zero’ is the difficult process of implementing sustainable practice within the intermodal freight industry. Effective freight decarbonisation delivers efficient, greener freight solutions and lowering carbon emissions. Considered freight decarbonisation is both strategic and operational.

FSEW are the freight decarbonisation specialists. We turn the difficult into the difference for our clients:

Freight decarbonisation is difficult


Requiring a significant investment of time, money and effort and with minimal current legislation addressing freight decarbonisation can be confusing and contradictory. Half measures such as backhaul or toothless ESG policies can offer a greenwashing sticking plaster for many organisations. 

We understand that ‘difficult’ makes the ‘do nothing yet’ option look appealing. Why risk the status quo if you don’t have to?


Freight decarbonisation is the difference


The requirement for genuine sustainability policies and Scope 3 accounting excludes more and more organisations from commercial tenders. Legislation is inevitable. Changing customer attitudes means authentically sustainable brands are actively sought out. 

‘Difference’ means higher margins and a healthier balance sheet. The status quo is suddenly a huge risk and doing nothing could leave your business fatally lagging behind.

FSEW specialises in turning the difficult into the difference. We partner with our customers on the complex journey towards decarbonisation. From decarbonisation strategies informed by data to ensuring goods reach their destinations on time and on budget, we own the ‘difficult’ now and make a lasting difference for the future.

Only FSEW delivers strategic freight decarbonisation. Anything else is just greenwashing.


Our message to the industry is simple. FSEW is the only organisation on the planet that can strategically deliver holistic freight decarbonisation.

Our expertise isn’t founded in theory but in practical, human experience. Our clients always have expertise on hand, giving them the confidence to carry out their decarbonisation journey.

Working with us gives our customers:

  • A critical partner, secure in calling out half-measures, box-ticking or greenwashing.
  • Unrivalled industry experience founded on a track record of delivering accountable results that positively impact the bottom line.
  • Real world impact. We built the UK freight sector’s leading low-carbon fleet and infrastructure and made it profitable.
  • A low-carbon business model that enables our customers to understand their decarbonisation opportunities with access to a worldwide network of trusted low-carbon partners.
  • Active participants in the sales process - helping our customers win new contracts with our sustainability expertise.
  • First mover advantage. We’ve already delivered what others are only talking about.

We make freight decarbonisation simple

By handling the difficult legwork, we make it easy to understand the opportunity that decarbonisation presents. Clearly presenting expected impact alongside practical and actionable solutions, helps our customers to cut through the sustainability noise and make informed decisions.

We make freight decarbonisation human

We understand that behind every sustainable decision is a human impact. From the macro-level effect on the planet for future generations to the micro-level of making our team and our clients’ day-to-day lives easier, putting people at the heart of our culture is key.

We make freight decarbonisation accountable

Sometimes the drive to change is taken out of your hands. Sustainability legislation in the commercial sector is continually evolving, and the reality is that regulations will only become tighter. We help organisations get ahead of the game, building future-proof levels of compliance and integrating accountability reporting.

We make freight decarbonisation profitable

We understand that the bottom line is important, there is a duty to wider stakeholders and that altruism doesn’t often drive decision-making. Through strategic intent, we make sustainability a board-level consideration. Using data modelling, we focus minds on the financial repercussions of burying your head in the sand and showcase the measurable impact that we can make on margins and the profitability.

We make freight decarbonisation possible

Ultimately, this is what FSEW do and what our competitors have yet to understand. Strategically considering the fundamental impact of ground-up freight decarbonisation, we make it possible for our customers to positively impact both their environment and their profitability.

“We all want to do what we can for the environment so we’re proud that Magor and Wales was chosen to be the first location to use these zero emissions lorries. It’s always exciting to get new kit and we can’t wait to try these lorries out in our busy operation.”
Jason Watts
Distribution Centre Manager, Tesco Distribution Centre Magor

Start your journey towards freight carbon zero today


Decarbonisation doesn’t have to be complicated. FSEW make it possible for you to decarbonise through low carbon sustainable freight solutions.

Profitability or sustainability? Contact us to discover how FSEW helps you to achieve both.

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