Our mission

We are trailblazers in achieving decarbonisation in the freight industry thanks to a number of industry firsts.


FSEW aims to be carbon net zero operationally by 2025. Our priority is changing the way we transport freight and taking action to reduce carbon emissions.

View our most recent streamlined energy and carbon reporting (SECR) report.

  • In January 2022 we successfully launched the UK’s first commercial electric articulated 37 tonne HGVs. The first two lorries were employed by Tesco covering daily freight operations between Cardiff and Magor.  The lorries replace around 65,000 diesel-fuelled road miles with clean green energy, removing 87.4 tonnes of CO2e per year. This is being rolled out with other customers
  • We are on track to meet our long term vision of replacing all our diesel trucks by the end December 2024. Since March 2022 we’ve saved 1027.84 Tco2e (metric tonnes in carbon dioxide equiv) and removed 720,665 of diesel road miles. This involves moving our 50+ fleet to a mix of 50% Electric and 50% CNG trucks.
  • To date our fleet currently has 2 electric 4 x 2 and 20 CNG (mix of 6x2 and 4x2). We are looking to the future with autonomous being a future option.
  • We are working with international supply chains to develop innovative solutions on a global scale that already give our customers the potential to reduce their international air and shipping related carbon impacts.
  • We use an innovative software package that calculates the carbon cost. This user friendly tool also allows the calculation of data across all multi modal disciplines.

Driving impactful change

Introducing renewable biomethane fuel – We have also launched two further trucks running on 100% renewable biomethane fuel for freight transport use. Switching to biomethane fuel gives more than 85% reduction in CO2 emissions and up to 40% lifetime fuel cost saving from diesel.

This is just the beginning. We plan to replace more than 40 diesel vehicles with low-carbon alternatives and to switch fleet-wide zero-emissions transport operation by 2025.

Our vision for a greener future

Working in collaboration

We are working in partnership with decarbonisation specialist Egnida and electric vehicle experts DAF Trucks to launch the next generation of heavy freight trucks.

Egnida is helping FSEW to create a profitable low-carbon business model which will help FSEW to deliver a zero emissions service in the future and support customer demand for greener fleets


e-Freight Hub

Plans are underway to create an e-Freight Hub in Cardiff which will include a low carbon fuel facility for the use of all freight providers and commercial and municipal operators, including bus and refuse lorries. This will include an innovative storage system to make the most of local renewable energy generation as well as a new maintenance and assembly centre of carbon vehicles.


In 2022 we will reduce CO2e emissions by 1,439 tonnes on an annual basis by reducing our own diesel fleet by 25%.

We aim to switch to fleet-wide operational zero emissions by 2025.

The Freight Decarbonisation Specialists
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